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Такой гудеж стоит на улице, будто бы Германия выиграла. Вот не знала,… - а то ишь!

июн. 18, 2010

04:04 pm

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Date:Июнь 19, 2010 02:05 am

off topic

kak Vam nravitsya?
Scientists from PETA are claiming the world's most famous polar bear, our beloved Knut, is displaying psychological problems at his Berlin Zoo home!

According to Frank Albrecht, the polar bear "sways to and fro," suffers panic attacks, and even imitates people taking pictures of him with his polar bear paws!

However, the Berlin Zoo's Heiner Kloes says that PETA is being "ridiculous," and that "Knut is fine."

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Date:Июнь 20, 2010 01:12 pm

Re: off topic

Вполне ожидаемо. За минувшие два года все забыли г-на Альбрехта, как страшный сон. А ему это обидно.
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